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The most amazing boy in the entire world. Tall and skinny with gorgeous green eyes. He likes driving fast and scaring the shit out of his girlfriend. He's not much of a talker, but when he does he always has something interesting to say. He's a little bit flighty, but it's covered with enough good intentions to balance it out. He's the typical "Chill" stoner type, even though he doesn't practice stoner acts. He's always broke, so he's lucky because he has a wonderful "sugar mama" with a job. He's also a dragonfly.
No, it was just Kolt.
by BABYWUV<3 July 08, 2011
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A typical football player. The type of guy who dates dumbass cheerleaders, whose face doesn't match their neck, because their mom didn't teach them the art of blending. Loves to fuck.
Girl 1: Check out that Kolt over there...

Girl 2: Eww he dated that nasty cheerbitch

Girl 1: He is such a typical football player

Girl 2: He likes smacking ass...GAY
by EWWGirlyEWW May 06, 2010
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it stands for knock you out like talia . Used in a playful warning.
You better sit down somewhere before I k-o-l-t you
by bruh_itz_taliak December 17, 2017
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someone typically depicted for their unique look of "spiked hair". but in actuality all theyve done is filld their hand with gel and smeared it around a little. they try so hard to get so far, yet never achieve much. not easily distinguished amongst the crowd. for they try to adapt others personalities, since they dont believe in themselves. if so, its for singing. ill tell you, their belief is wrong.
look at that kid, betcha his name is kolt
"wow he looks like a tard"
by Jazlo January 17, 2009
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kolt is a weird man who likes it in the butt from his dad. he likes it big black and ready too attack. He goes to moira secondary and would love any black people to come and attack him with their huge cock
kolt is nit cool
by i a teacher June 12, 2017
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