Kokichi Oma is one of the 16 students in Danganronpa V3. He is "The Ultimate Supreme Leader". Although he pushes others away from him through lies and manipulation, it is implied he does so to make his sacrifice less hurtful. It is also implied he has a crush on the protagonist, Shuichi Saihara. Despite consistent hints and ploys alluding to Kokichi being the mastermind, it is revealed Kokichi lied in order to try to stop the game, as he "does not like games that you are forced to play". Kokichi is shown to be quite intelligent, as not only is he able to make quick, cunning lies on the spot, but it is shown that he constantly investigated past trials/evidence, and created a script so Kaito Momota could successfully imitate Kokichi regardless of the situation. He also asked Miu Iruma for many inventions which enabled progression for the group, and successfully managed to manipulate Gonta Gokuhara into killing another. Despite being one of the smallest students (156cm/5 foot 1 in), he shows little to no fear when intimidated by larger/stronger students. The game presents Kokichi as a malicious, hellbent leader, however it is revealed in Chapter 6 that Kokichi did not run a large, secret cult. Instead, he was the leader of a 10 person gang, whose sole purpose was to play pranks and cause laughter, called "D.I.C.E".
Kokichi Oma is popularly shipped with Shuichi Saihara (Saioma/Saiouma), K1-B0 (Kiiboma/Kiibouma), Kaito Momota (Omota/Oumota), and Himiko Yumeno (Omeno/Oumeno).
Fan 1: "Man, I love Kokichi Ouma! He's such a good character"
Fan 2: "Kokichi Oma*. But yes I agree"
Fan 3: "Kokichi Oma is the worst character! He got my boy Gonta killed"
Fan 4: "But he sacrificed himself for the survival of the other students. He purposely made an unsolvable murder"
Fan 5: "But Shuichi solved it, didn't he?"
by MissJessiac May 24, 2018
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a gay clown from danganronpa v3 who likes grape panta
person 1: Kokichi Oma is the best boi!

person 2: no its Nagito Komaeda!
by LynnxWitch May 16, 2020
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Without a doubt the most beloved character in the entire Danganronpa series. (Even htough he is evil and manipulative)
Danganronpafan#1: "Who is your favorite character in Danganronpa"
Danganronpafan#2: Kokichi Oma. He's just adorable
by LeElize June 18, 2020
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A character from Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony who got two people killed and openly laughed at their deaths. Despite these actions, mentally underdeveloped females within Jared Fogle’s age range often say that he is a cinnamon roll who did nothing wrong.
Kokichi stan: “OMG Kokichi Oma did nothing wrong!”

Anyone who’s played Chapter 4 and has a decent understanding of basic morals: “You’re one of them “special” folks, ain’t you?”
by Danganronpa porn November 23, 2019
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Kokichi Oma is character from danganronpa v3 and hes is the leader of an evil cult, His Ultimate Talent is The Ultimate Supreme Leader. He gets killed by Kaito Momota in Chapter 5.
Your so evil just like Kokichi Oma
by FinnIsmine February 04, 2018
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The ultimate supreme leader (liar-)
Hates: Miu Miu Miu Miu Miu Miu
Likes: (yes i do ship shuichi and kokichi UwU) Shuichi
Poo: do you like kokichi oma?
Pee: no
Poo: why?
Pee: its a lie!
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