"whats wrong with the way i dress?"- Shuichi Saihara "some people might say that all black clothing kinda makes you look like an evil villian. not me though, i think you look like a sexy motorcycle vroom vroom."- kokichi omua.
by allie komaeda July 15, 2020
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Shuichi Saihara is the main protagonist of Danganronpa V3. He is sweet, cinnamon roll who is forced to go through a lot of fucked up shit and deserves so much better. He is a cute submissive detective who needs to be protected.
"Shuichi Saihara deserves better."
by Megaman Creep July 14, 2019
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Ultimate Detective in the third killing game of Danganronpa.
(Danganronpa v3: Killing harmony)

A tall emo boy who just wants peace. He's neither hope or despair.
You will meet him head faced down outside a locker. People say he's a detective but he denies it as "apprentice."
One of the most noticeable traits are his eyelashes. They're just so beautiful like--wow.
He's slender with no *ss.
Just like any other protagonist, he possesses an ahoge /antenna.

This man wears striped black clothes with an emo hat on top.
His fear is telling the truth;
When he was younger he solved a case not even the police department could! Apparently the criminal scared the sh*t out of him with his eyes and so on.

Kaede is his friend(?)(They just met idk why).
Saihara is Kaito Momota's sidekick/ Kaito is his sideb*tch.

The Astonaut helps him be more confident in himself.
He's the famous guy for saying and quoted;
"You're alone Kokichi, and you will always be."

Ultimate spoilers:
• gets yanked by Tenko in her lab.
• is one of the final survivors.
"Um, I'm Shuichi Saihara, Ultimate Detective."

"Shuichi, Pooichi? Take any name you'd like!"

"Shuichi, we all believe in you."
"What's the secret behind your eyelashes, Saihara-kun?!"

"Shuichi, stop not believing in yourself, you gotta do better!"

"Who the h*ck is Shumai?"
"Every day, I apply mascara and eyeliner on my perfect eyes."
by LyingTreasure May 31, 2021
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You look like a sexy motorcycle vroom vroom 😏

Tends to be very emotional and is A EMO BOY
Shuichi Saihara more like Sushi shoehara
by Die please July 19, 2021
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An emo fag that im in love with

・looks like a sexy motorcycle vRoOm VrOoM
Person one: I love shuichi saihara
by _kokichi_ouma127638 November 21, 2021
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