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The is a set of mismanaged operating principles that cause chronic limitations in an organization's ability to operate and functional effectively. This organizational dysfunction is often associated with incompetent leadership, lack of strategy, toxic culture, flawed and ineffectual decision making. Extreme consequences of infrastricture is often associated with leaders of these organization believing and communicating a delusion that they are a highly optimized and competitive organization that holds a leadership position among its peer.
Kodak's infrastricture caused the the company to not effectively respond to the imminent disruption of digital imaging.

Blockbuster's infrastricture caused the company to not effectively defend itself against the threat of Netflix.

Most consulting firms create value for their clients by diagnosing and treating their infrastricture in order to drive future growth.

The CEO of the company was ignorant of the infrastricture that they created in their organization.
by DrReq March 03, 2020

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Kodak has destroyed its own brand so much, that it is now a generally accepted pejorative term. For example,
There is no greater insult than saying to a CEO that they Kodak'ed their company, or that a corporate executive is a "Kodak executive".

Even worse, "You should work at Kodak" or "you sound like you worked at Kodak" to describe an business professional as being completely devoid of any creative thinking and unaware of business threats.

We now refer to companies that failed to innovate or recognizing disruptive technologies by saying, they got "Kodak'ed" or are "Kodak afflicted".

"I dont invest in Kodaks" to illustrate an investment strategy to avoids investing in companies with proven track records of low innovation.
by DrReq December 08, 2020

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A pejorative used to describe a politically motivated individual or an organization that profits or benefits by merchandising deceptive and fallacious arguments for the purpose of attacking the character of an individual or a group to indoctrinate an intellectually vulnerable audience that is incapable of critical thinking.
This individual operates more as a fox, rather than a journalist

This individual had their character destroyed by being foxed.
by DrReq June 22, 2020

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