A person who claims to know everything about everything, until someone else calls their bluff and makes that person look like a fool. Basically, a know-it-all with ridiculous assumptions and little-to-no proof.
Guy 1: Did you know that this new game console was coming out, during the Summer time?

Guy 2: Stop right there, you stupid know man! I just found out from the creators, they said they plan to release said console sometime during the Fall.
by ThatGuy2969 November 23, 2013
Chris Tucker's (Smokey's) catchphrase used occasionally in 1995 Comedy-Drama movie 'Friday' starring alongside rapper, actor and film director Ice cube (Craig)
Smokey (Chris Tucker) on the phone to Big Worm (Faizon Love):

"Well, yeah. I got your money anyway,and you sell that shit yourself next time cause I'm going to rehab. I'm through with this shit."


Smokey (Chris Tucker) Rolls up some weed and starts to smoke and says to the camera:

"I was just bullshittin', And you know this man!"
by ???Anon??? December 4, 2007
The definite truth when speaking or talking
"...and you know this man" as BoogieWonder high fived his partner in da club
by Getrich83 December 13, 2003
Word used to respond when someone notices you accomplish something
Damnn you makin moves I see,
You know me man
by Lamarvista December 4, 2019
I have two words for the children who are raised up on the this kids' show starring Homsar: HELD BACK. REPEATING THE THIRD GRADE. LOW STANDARDIZED TEST SCORES. I GUESS THIS IS MORE THAN TWO WORDS.
Singers: We'll have an adventure and several long trips. We'll make some new friends and maybe get a bite to eat! All 'cause we say...
Kids: Whaddaya Know Haddi-Man?
Homsar: DAAAAAAAAH! I'm a trendy tote bag!
by SMD August 19, 2004
The perfect thing to say when you haven't been listening to a conversation that you started. This works for an answer to virtually any question. Perfect for answering if you can't hear the speaker in a crowded, loud room.
Friend: "So how've you been lately? Any better?"
You: "WHAT?"
Friend: "I said, HOW'VE YOU BEEN?"
You: (panicking) "Oh, uh...I don't know, man, it's just like...I don't know, ya know?"
Friend: "Yeah, totally."
Bruh mans know math I don need no calculator
Ms. Sanders says you use urs calculator I say nu mans know as maths.
The next day get F on homework.
Mans know math is a saying from Asian Big Shak
by Hdksks February 1, 2018