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Electic boots manufactured by Ol' Fatty's. The box says that there are no fewer than eight lights falshing at any time and are whisper quiet. When the boots are plugged in, the lights on the boots do flash, but they make an obnoxiously loud hum. They also suck up a lot of energy, which is probably what "solid state" means.
I just got my new Lectric Boots in the mail today!
by SMD November 13, 2004
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A cool, refreshing drink made from pies.
When life throws pies at you, you make yourself a tall, cool glass of piemonade!
by SMD August 22, 2004
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So and So's stepmom. She has questionable taste... and like a million jogging suits.

"Yes, Mrs. So and So Erson."
by SMD January 30, 2005
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What they called the Poopsmith in the Castlefunnies because back then it was a form of treason to print the word poop in the paper. Mushy could only speak in word clouds full of commas, which were probably considered comedic gold back then.
I say, Mushy, do you have a pittance for me'self?
by SMD September 5, 2004
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Waaaaaaah! WAAAAAAAAH! Think I won the Powerball!
by SMD August 19, 2004
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The day when peolpe at the office wear free polo shirts they got from various software companies.
by SMD August 22, 2004
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A wrestling move in which you grab a person's neck, lift him up, and slam him on the mat. Often used by the Undertaker and Kane.
Kane finished off Matt Hardy with a choke slam.
by SMD May 30, 2004
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