A bookbag that mainly teenage girls use to hold their shit in. Probably shit that won't fit in their jeans because those are too tight. I think that girls believe they are more fashionable with one and that it makes them look/feel a lot more womanly or feminine. Even if you are a shim, it
can boost your confidence. At school, its a replacement for a backpack. It's also a lot cooler to run in because if you're going to be late to class, you don't want your fat and overstuffed backpack (full of calculators, multi-colored highlighters, cheap lip gloss, and completed homework) flopping against your back and look like a complete dumbass. You can fit as much shit in your tote bag and it will still not look as gay and bulky as the backpack you previously used. If you go to the mall, you'll probably see about every other fucking girl with one on their shoulder. Sometimes girls carry two because they're just to lazy or embarassed to carry a bigger bag that will hold all of it...
Paul: Check out that girl's tote bag. She probably has nothing but her cell phone in it.

Ben: Ha. My sister paid me 10 dollars to drive her to Pac Sun just so she could buy one like every other 14 year old.
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The begining stages of douche baggery
Josh was being such a tote bag last night at that party when we were playing COD
by mnqjso September 20, 2009
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An evolution from totes, which evolved from totally.
-That new George Michael album has got it going on!
-Tote bags!
by Kenly August 10, 2007
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A tote bag that can be bought in the book store at Mississippi College. Mississippi College is a private, Christian University with the main campus located in Clinton.
Tammy Picklesimmer got a Mississippi Tote Bag at the college book store.
by Candaro January 10, 2012
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a type of person in the fashion community who is drawn to brands like Aime Leone Dore, Carharrt,jjjjound, and vintage pieces and often carrys a tote bag and loves workwear , this individual also gets most of their inspiration from youtube influencers like Ken Ijima and Ray Miah, alot of them used to be sneakerheads or hypebeasts who have moved on from wearing logos, the tote bag clone is often called a clone because this is one of the most trendiest styles in 2020 and you will see it on instagram explore feed everywhere
nick owns 5 pairs of carhartt double knees and the jjjjound new balances , he must be a tote bag clone
by theincel December 14, 2020
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