1. A word used to replace any other word in a sentence.

2. A unique sound emitted from the mouth, caused from letting gas out of the stomach. (Also referred to as belching.)
Original Sentence:
Susie pwned the English test.

New Possible Sentences:
Susie knopped the English test.
Susie pwned the English knop.
Susie pwned the knop test.
by Big Steve December 03, 2004
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Big, fat, raveing lesbein.
Guess what you get if you type Knops into the internet.
Lesbein. Big, fat, raveing lesbein.
by Mariross November 19, 2007
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satan, lucifer, beelzubub, the bringer of death and sorrow to all
by truth January 20, 2004
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