From the sensation of Pendulum, Knife Party is a side project made by Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen. The project includes music consisting of Electro House and Dubstep.

The name was influenced from the song, "Knife Party" by the Deftones.

The description of Knife Party includes, "Seizure Music".
Jake: Hey man! Did you see Knife Party a few days ago?

Paul: No. I missed it, but I have been dreaming to attend their crazy sets.
by Krakatoacoo September 7, 2011
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An event in which two individuals have their left wrists bound together and are given knives, which they use to cut and stab each other until one admits defeat. The binding of the wrists makes it impossible for one combatant to run from the fight, and also heightens the difficulty of dodging or blocking blows. Knife parties are not for the weak at heart.
Brandon and I had a bitchin' knife party last month. I think he's still in the hospital.
by Blank February 16, 2004
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everything everyone else said was WRONG WRONG WRONG
a knifeparty is a deftones song based upon the belief that a knife party is a place where people go to inject themselves with drugs. In the first line they say "My knife is sharp and chrome." A chrome knife is another name for a syringe used for injecting drugs into your bloodstream. "Come see inside my bones" is probably talking about injecting himself. "I can float here forever" is describing getting high. The other lines in the song all work with the same theme as well. The album title is a reference to high grade cocaine.
druggie 1: eh you goin to dat knife party?
druggie 2: fo shizzle cant wait to shoot up l be so jonesin'

hm whats your favourite song off of white pony? l like knife party :D chinos voice is instant orgasm l swear my gf hardly has to touch me when l hear that song l'm offffff!
by kater January 2, 2005
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A spontaneous game of cat-and-mouse where the assailant(s) pursues the hunted with a various array of knives usually in a mock Steven Seagal style. The game proceeds until the injury or damage done is regarded by both sides to have "gone too far".

Such a party is usually initiated with a group of participants by shouting "Knife Party" at any seemingly innocuous period of time.

Usually occurs where knives are prevalent (esp. kitchens).
Brendan: "What time are you leaving for college at?"

James: "Knife Party!"

Brendan: "No seriously, stop!"

James: (BRANDISHES MEAT CLEAVER WITH A SKILLFUL FLOURISH) "Ready when you are Brendan. Ready when you are."
by whatahw January 4, 2010
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Noun. A term used to describe only the filthiest whomp step and dub drops, set apart from other sounds by the gritty sex it makes to the listeners ears
"yo dawg you go to that knife party skrillex threw last night?!"

"of course son! my head hurts from all the eargasm"
by yaaabeotch September 7, 2011
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Try this if your girl is really flexible!!This is done when you're standing up & having sex doggie style, your girl then procedes to bend further down & put your sack in her mouth for a tea bag!!
by TANK & BIG BOSS May 1, 2009
When a group of dudes come together and gather in a circle to rub their erect penises against each others', similar to sword fighting.

The main goal of a knifing party is to see who can ejaculate the fastest, having the last person to finish clean each "knife" with their hands.

A variation of the common knifing party involves simply rubbing against any body part.
by Elton Axton October 8, 2020
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