Cocaine. Although the term is often used to describe a multitude of other illegal substances, it was originally used as a slang term for the stimulant-drug cocaine (a processed extract of leaves from the Erythroxylum Coca plant).
"Lets ride the white pony" <let's use cocaine>

"Can you ask your buddy if he's good for the white pony?" <would you ask your friend if he has any cocaine to sell?>
by x_suffocate_x July 9, 2005
A reference from the movie "Dirty Love".
Meaning, Mr. Right.
"John, your my white pony!"
by Leah4925 December 11, 2008
The name for Deftones 3rd album. Released in 2000 it is the follow up to Around the Fur. Many say this album to be their best. Album has a very unique sound almost psychedelic but with a touch of heavy metal. Definitely a good album for everyone to check out.
Have you checked out Deftones album White Pony yet?
by musashidtr September 14, 2010
An Orgasm. Or any feeling that is similar to tripping out on drugs.
Now, suddenly, he is lodged against your clitoris, pinning it to the wall, as it were; flattening it against the wall, where he polishes it repeatedly, like an old Greek grocer polishing an eggplant, like Aladdin summoning a reluctant genie; polishes it until you can feel it shine, feel it lighting up your vagina like a Broadway Show. Ta-Da! Down the aisle trots the white pony, proud and frisky. With a swish of its mane, it bounds down through the orchestra pit, leaps over the footlights, and lands center stage with a mighty whinny, hooves pawing the boards, mouth foaming, nostrils flaring, eyes popping on and off as if bulbs in a strobe. It brings down the house. And when he showers you with a hot tsunami of liquid white roses, it stands on its head for an encore.
by BlindBartholomew September 9, 2005
When you've had your fill of bullshit and there's nothing left to loose!
by chaoz March 10, 2012