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1. A knab is the past tense of of knub, which is a nub with a silent K added - which is a bastardization of the word nOOb, which in turn was derived from the word newbie which means one who is inept at one or many things.

Often a Knab is associated with wee little lads who enjoy bland foods without sauce. They also have a distinct aversion for triscuits. Their favorite hobbies are poker, street fighter 4, and often just knabbing around with their knabmigos.
(n.) Dude did you see that knab, he got knocked down and his head bounced off the floor playing TOUCH football!

(v.) That guy's purse got knabbed - that's what he gets for wearing a purse.

He wasnt paying attention and got knabbed when he got hit in the forehead by a flying triscuit.

(adj.) That knabby cake tasted disgusting.

List of well known knabs:
Ben Affleck
The Mac Guy - Justin Long
Timon The Cinnamon aka T-Fung
Steve Jobs
Endi Mcli
Andrew Zimmern
Jimmy Wong
Stanley Liu
Luke Walton
Kimbo Slice
Willy Deng
Sarah Palin

List of well known Knab Products:
Camp Pardee
Electronic Cigarettes
Xbox controller
by sQR August 03, 2009
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A wee little lad. Usually identifiable by poofy hair, crab pants, or basketball shorts. More often than not, a knab will pwn at Halo. Prefers plain foods to sauced ones. Enjoys ham fried rice. Will speak in knabese most of the time, ex: โ€œmi neim eis kineb mic shiea!โ€ Travels in packs with associates known as knabmigos. Usually fancies the automobile. Watches silly TV.
I just got pwn3d by a knab in halo.
by harry ballzanya December 01, 2004
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stupid retarded 13 year old nigger who sucks on penis of sP drew's
knabs, your terrible
by Sean February 07, 2005
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