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klose (rhymes with "lose"): klosing, klost

v: to klose: to forget something temporarily, until memory is triggered. Memories that cannot be retrieved are forgotten; memories that can be retrieved until a reminder is given are merely klost. See also: deklose

Origin: from "key" (ME "keye" via OE "cǣg") + "lose" (ME "losen" via OE "leosen" / Goth "fraliusan"); to lose as one loses one's keys (id est, temporarily), hence key-lose or klose.
1. Oh no! My sister's birthday was yesterday and I totally klost it!

2. Don't klose that you said you'd pick Timmy up after soccer tonight. Remember the last time you klost to pick him up and he waited for hours!
by Smashing Dan July 21, 2009
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