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Kaitlynn is probably a 5”10 blond blue eyed women with athletic abilities, probably has friends with the names of Lendynn, Meuli, etc. probably face times whenever she can and is really boring, probably stares at her camera while on FaceTime and asks YOU to start a conversation because she is too shy.
by Strait facts November 10, 2020
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A woman who is extremely beautiful, they take most of there time spending it with friends and taking care of others, they are cute, attractive, smart and loving
Lendynn is a beautiful girl!
by Strait facts October 13, 2019
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A (football) league better than the (Bundesliga) .
"You gonna watch some Ligue 1 today"?

"Yeah man, so tired of watching the Bundesliga".
by Strait facts February 16, 2019
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(Noun) - Someone who does their (job) extremely poorly although never receives critisism for it due to their ability to do tasks they aren't supposed to do well.

(Verb) - Doing a task poorly but getting away with it as a result of doing a completely different task well.
"This man simply can't (defend), he better get pushined for this"

"Nah, he's a Kimmich, he'll get away with it again"
by Strait facts April 23, 2019
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(Noun) - Someone who consistently performs their role to a below (average) standard, but receives a (disproportionate) amount of praise due to it appearing good on paper.

(Verb) - The (act) of fulfilling a role to a below average degree in such a manner that it appears good in paper.
"What's your thoughts on him, you think he's the right man?"

"Nah, he's nothing new, just another (Kimmich)".
by Strait facts February 16, 2019
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A man who uses his head efficiently.
"does he use his head wisely?"

"don't worry, he's a Klose"
by Strait facts November 10, 2017
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