Another spelling of the word class. Indicating an attempt to show class that is instead received by others as tacky.
"He took his prom date to the Olive Garden? That's klassy. With a 'K'!"
by Delfina and Todd September 3, 2006
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A large amphibious creature found in slow moving rivers
Dont go in the river, I think klasse is out there.
by baby ackry December 15, 2010
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Klasse, slang for dick - Most commonly used together with "Hest", which in this case means horse.
Hey nick, your schlong is as big as a Klassehest!
by KnowerOfW0rds January 9, 2020
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Another spelling of class. Meaning.. class. Or brilliant or somesuch. Pronounce like a n00b teenage girl.
OGM KLASS!!`!1!one!!
by EmSixTeen March 15, 2004
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mixture of 'kool ass' and 'class'.
ange: lol well we go out a lot togeva lol. shes ma lil partyin maytie!!
laura: klassssssss!
by El_sie. May 16, 2006
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That one raging, small, and slightly chunky child
O’ great Conner Klass is having a temper tantrum again
by Um whoops October 9, 2017
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Mya Klass will any man's dream girl, she's an extremely pretty lady and anyone to know a Mya klass is very lucky. She's either an amazing friend or a perfect partner, she's very kind and loving and will always listen to your, no matter how crazy you sound because she's so sweet and just a perfect person.

I love you Mya
Wow, have you seen Mya Klass, isn't she so pretty
by You already know lmao November 6, 2018
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