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No you guys are dumbasses. Kizzo is slang drug term used for Ketamine. Otherwise known as Special K.
Yo, I got some really good kizbliz kizzo wanna do a bump?
by junglgurl_t January 24, 2005
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Kizzo is the slang term for a drug also known as Special K.

The scientific name is Ketamine Hydrochloride. It was originally created for use as a human anesthetic, and is still used as a general anesthetic for children, persons of poor health, and in veterinary medicine.

Kizzo is used to distort ones reality some of the symptoms include;

* At lower doses it has a mild, dreamy feeling similar to nitrous oxide. Users report feeling floaty and slightly outside their body. Numbness in the extremities is also common.

* Higher doses produce a hallucinogenic (trippy) effect, and may cause the user to feel very far away from their body.

* This experience is often referred to as entering a "K-hole" and has been compared to a near death experience with sensations of rising above one's body. Many users find the experience spiritually significant , while others find it frightening.

* While in a K-hole it is very difficult to move. People usually remain seated or lying down during the experience.

Kizzo is also blamed for many pictures of people at raves drooling, passed out, or just looking retarded !!

"kizzo fo ma nizzo"
by SwayJunglist June 19, 2009
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The definition given by Monica above is incorrect. Kizzo is a term used to express anything in a positive way. It can be used as a noun or an adjective.

The term came about in Milpitas High School (located in California) by a student named Olimar Ness. He used to it both as a nickname (people would call him that) and a word.

Kizzo is almost like the word "cool", in it's adjective form.
"Dude, that's hella kizzo!"
"Turn that Kizzo off!"
"Hey Kizzo!"
by Olimar April 13, 2004
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