1. To say in repsonse to any question or phrase.
2. Also a type of cute animal!
1. Guy one-Hey! You wanna go and get a couple of beers?
Guy two- Kitty!

2. What is that fluffy piece of shit...? Oh dayum. Itss a kitty cat (:
by Yourmomsucksweiner January 30, 2010
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A alternate word for a catgirl (sometimes catboy) that is someone's pet. This is used in a master/pet relationship. Kittys are mostly females, but some can be males. if a master has 2 kittys, both kittys will usually try to be better than the other, as the more loyal a kitty is to their master, the more they want to the best kitty they could be, this means they despise someone else getting called kitty by their master, and he/she will usually get very jealous because of it. Unlike Master/slave relationships, kittys can stop being a kitty at anytime they wish.
Guy 1: being the master of a kitty is awesome, but some times exhausting
Guy 2: yeah, but it'll get less exhausting as time goes on, you just need to make sure he/she behaves
Guy 1: you're right, when i make him/her start behaving more, but gotta be careful while doing so
by JDBK5NSFW April 21, 2020
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Tim- Trynna match?

Joe- Nah man ion have the kitty for bud rn
by Fetti Mozzarelli June 13, 2019
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a whip round for buying meow.
John "hey guys I seriously need you all to contribute to the meow kitty if we are going to party tonight"
by TIN Laden December 13, 2010
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