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Niagara Falls is not spelled like this retards.

It's spelled N-I-A-G-A-R-A
Retarded Tourist: yes, I want to visit Niagra Falls, but I have to finish smoking my crack pipe first.

Me: Fuckin crack baby......
by Dr Funky July 04, 2006
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when a woman cums really hard during an orgasm
kayla pulled a niagra falls with my brother!
by KiMbALi* *SaRaH February 01, 2004
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when a chick is in the bath and she has the faucet running and she puts her pussy under the running water to achieve orasmic stimulation
niagra falls is a nice and different way to come
by fuck you February 23, 2005
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1. A beautiful texas girl in John's eyes who teases him and he will never get; one day John calls her a whore and the next day he's trying to go out with her.

A.K.A. - Kelsie
I hope Niagra Falls is at Zaxby's tonight
by John March 31, 2005
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when a guy takes a diereah on a girls head on watches the drippings drop to her chest
i took the best niagra falls on that hoe
by john 14 August 16, 2006
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A sexual act involving a male receiving fellatio, and immediately prior to ejaculation, ramming his penis into the giver's throat, causing them to gag up the semen and have it drip and flow out of their nose.
Niagra falls is truly the art of a choke artist.
by Mikeydddd April 12, 2008
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when a gils takes it in the ass by at least ten guys, then lets their hot cum drip out of her ass, then puts it in a cup and drinks it
this bitch named lynsie salazar hella gave me and my friends a niagra falls
by RYan January 04, 2005
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