Kisaki is a musician,record producer,composer & bass player.Currently working as a producer for the independent label UNDER CODE PRODUCTION .Active with his own band Lin-the End of Corruption World & his solo project Kisaki Project. One of his most famous former bands was Phantasmagoria
I am listening to Kisaki because he is one of best composers that I have ever heard. Some people think Kisaki is a god & I use to think it was a joke but I'm not too sure anymore. When you get to know more about Kisaki the magnificence shines through in every way.
by Lucinda Kinesis July 7, 2012
A frickin asshole who hates Takemichi and has killed mostly all of his hot af friends. He has a gay bestfriend(Hanma) who somehow likes this freak.
Person 1: I think that Kisaki is hot.
Person 2: Yea I agree with you,he is soo hot
Anime fan: *Proceeds to yeet them both of a bridge*
by I love PANCAKES :)) May 28, 2022
Being a kisaki is Used when someone betrays their bro or friend aka a snake
by BurstOfEnergy December 3, 2021
Kisaki -kee-sah-kee-
1. A female who is prone to many mood swings, seems amazing at first but isn't what she seems to be after getting to know her better.

2. An dominating female. One who likes to rule.

3. A cross-dressing male who loves to sing. Also referred to as a queen or fag.
1. Dude, that girl's a Kisaki. Don't get to close, you might get tangled in her trap.

2. Careful, that girl's a Kisaki. She messed up that last boy she was with real bad.

3. Brian's such a Kisaki! I saw him wearing make-up yesterday.
by Kisaki Tenma October 10, 2008
A hot bastard. Too fucking hot. Many people might just hate him
No matter how many ppl he kills *i* can't hate him中中中中
But if you're a real one. You love him
Kisaki? I want him to kick me 中中
by averagechrollostan September 17, 2021
kisaki tetta is literally the ugliest mf ever, hes musty and he looks like a fuckin parrot. at least his bff is pretty hot
ew, kisaki tetta is disgusting wtf
I agree
by mitsuyaswifey August 15, 2021
Kisaki is a girl thats very nice and funny. She may be tall but shes very thoughtful. Kisaki is very athletic in Japanese martial arts and very good at playing instruments.
(Classmate) hi, your so tall
(Kisaki) thank you
by Djsnchd January 3, 2020