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A Rueben (made of 100 % awesome) is a creature that lives to love and loves to live. A hard-working man that derives his self-gratification from working like a maniac, until he has nothing left in him. Naturally talented in the arts and music. Lover. Philosopher.
"Did you see that Rueben back there?"

"It was like he was made of awesome!"

"Can we get one for our place?"

"Of course. Everyone needs a Rueben."
by mouseiemouse February 03, 2010
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Rueben - Sri-lankan term for the natorious wide mouthed frog (see- God for an explanation)
"BEWARE Orla! Rueben is coming!"
by Dude, where's our limo? August 23, 2004
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Hot and genourus but lazy good and nice to woman he’s the kind of guy that will treat you right great at sport especially Gaelic football a messer in school never does homework but pulls all the ladies
Rueben that’s him so sexy
by Your soul plank November 05, 2018
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A reticulous animal, tentive to resort to using spam in a forum. It also has a tendancy to use the word "McPenis Fillet".
Ohhh my god! its a rueben!
by Tommy November 13, 2004
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Is a dude who is very chill and is a guitarist who plays almost everyday and has a best friend called jade who is "Extremely sexi" that's what she calls herself and I am a god at chords
Rueben is a name
by Guitaristbeast June 08, 2019
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