Kiro is a hard working person and never gives up. He loves his family to the moon and back and would go anything for them. He likes sport and food and likes to do his research. If you ever meet a Kiro in your life you should be great full as he is a one in a life time person
by skittlebrains101 August 1, 2019
An elegant but undiscovered species among the North Eastern part of Ireland. Where the Fenians thrive.
A term typically used for someone from the Northern part of Ireland. Usually, tend to get very angry at any type of video games (especially PG rated games).

Normally, very small in height (5ft2).
This person has panic attacks very occasionally, over the smallest reasons.

Tends to be a regular user of illegal drugs, part of the EDL, and also IRA.
Typically has a brown wife, normally from nigera. Either this, or hugely overweight.
Despite all the negatives, this person has very good relations with the BBC, the news company.
Nah, it's not even that, im legit trying to play, i'm getting defaned, kids are saying mums, disconnected, muted and jack is just lowing it.
- Kiro
by BigBroadMale August 27, 2021
Kiro is such a sweetheart, he is kind, loving and caring .
He does indeed tend to get angry quickly, short tempered but he always regret it afterwards.

He always is searching for love, seems that he failed couple times, While he is was trying to do that he went through couple phases of depression and sadness.
He is a source pf motivation that’s why he went through these tough times.

He is a hardworking person, he doesn’t like to leave his work for tomorrow.
Have you met Kiro before ?

-No, i haven’t.
-You would be lucky to get to know him
by Marko_theWriter November 22, 2021
The type of the person who is very mysterious. He is mean and an asshole towards someone but deep down he cares. He tends to not show his care and kindness around other's. Kiro can be dumb but he is smart just not tend to show it because it's a waste of his time. He loves being occupied and likes to be alone. He always feel lonely but he is used to it. Work hard, focus on his goal, and check on everyone what they are up to to make sure they're alright. He puts their friends first rather himself. If you ever meet Kiro, make sure you ask him how he is. He may lied but the more you ask him everytime you meet up with him, eventually he will open up. Loyal and can be protective. He tends not to make the same mistakes from his past. Cherish him, take good care of him & he will protect you and your name.
"I heard that one guy confront a group of guys for insulting his friend. If I don't remember he said his name was.....Kiro and he warned them not to I suit his friend. Such a kind guy"

"I remember Kiro once help me with my work. I thought at first he was mean which he is still but I can see he is very kind deep down. I guess he doesn't want to show his care and kindness around other's. That's Kiro I guess"
by Saki Hatsukoi January 16, 2022
General all around faggot. See also retard
Mr. Kiro, well, no explination needed for THAT guy.
by Anonymous January 20, 2005
the innocent (but not) cinnamon roll that everyone needs in their lives. they love all of their friends a whole lot. the sweetest bean ever.
dont be a jerk, be a kiro
by homosexualshit February 22, 2019
Mysterious force in the field of Drum & Bass, often used as a yardstick to measure other people's music.
This beat wouldn't suck so much if Kiro had been involved.
by d-zine February 16, 2005