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Acronym for Early Decleration of Love

When one of the two people that are in a relationship tells the other that they love them after they've only been dating for a short time and the other person doesn't say it back.
Guy 1: I told my girlfriend that I loved her last night and she just said that she loves spending time with me

Guy 2: Ah man, you you've just suffered an EDL
by jariki August 04, 2009
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1. Everyday Life (Everyday Life Boards).
2. Everday Life Boards, semi-public forum
for students in America and Western Europe. (
3. Eldery Dinosaur League
Yo, dawg, check out that EDL boards?
by C. Wenzinger June 06, 2005
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A term used to describe people who express extreme bigotry with very little, if any evidence or explanation as to why.

Generally found being non-violent, whilst throwing stella glasses about and fighting one another.

An EDL'er will rarely, if ever, make any sense and deny all facts presented to them.
Ah bless, its an EDL'er.
by KNNND July 23, 2011
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