To get really mad about something to the point of yelling or fighting. To go out of one's mind because of the gravity of the seriousness of the situation. To lose it or flip out. Origin: The Washington DC area (DC, Maryland and Virginia). Reference to Captain Kirk from Star Trek and the way he used to sign off of the com speaker "Kirk out" when he was upset.
That dude just hit my car and I'm about to "kirk out" on him.
by doctorteef August 10, 2012
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The act of going balistic or crazy about any given situation.
Shelly was kirkin out at the teacher when she found out she got a D in the class
by starqueen March 28, 2003
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to go off, to get really exhibit rage or anger.
I wanted to kirk out when I saw my boyfriend with another woman.

by Kimmiebuka March 31, 2006
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Being overly mad at soemthing.
Synonyms: freak out, flip out, go ape shiznit.
That girl just stepped on my foot, I am about to kirk the f*ck out!!!"
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To be so extremely pissed off at a situation or person that you can only talk in short chopped sentences like Captain Kirk from Star Trek.
Man, I am having such a bad day, I am going to Kirk Out and stab someone!
by Tommy Conant April 20, 2006
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to flip out, to lose your cool, to lose control, go bananas

originating from Captain Kirk due William Shatner's penchant for over emotive acting:

Capt. Kirk to Spock: "All right, you mutinous, disloyal, computerized half-breed. We'll see about you deserting my ship."

"Rabbs kirked out when he ate the chocolate matzah."
by laxshlee October 19, 2007
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The opposite of a greeting.

Most often used when talking on a cell phone or 2-way radio.

References Capt. Kirk of Star Trek fame, when he would conclude all dialogs from the planet to the Enterprise with this phrase.

Also popularized by rapper Flavor Flav.
While talking on your cell phone:
"Okay, bring me two sam adams and I'll meet you in the DnB Room around midnight. Kirk out."
by Daevid Vincent April 24, 2006
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