The leader of a crime syndicate or organisation.
The ruler of any 'game'. ie. drug game, rap game, crime game.
Its time to ice the KingPin.
The highest dealer in your locality is the KingPin.
Kurupt calls himself the KingPin.
by Diego September 27, 2003
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The king.
A person who rules all, A person who is the best of the best.
by da Man January 17, 2003
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tha boss tha one tha not to be fucked with, tha don tha man of men, tha king of new york tha king of tha world, m.o.c rapper called tha kingpin...
-wilson fisk
by benny b March 14, 2004
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the pin that attaches a big rig's trailer to the front part.
I pulled the kingpin and bam
by Anonymous February 26, 2003
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The innermost or central pin in an arrangement of bowling pins.

See headpin.

The most important person or element in an enterprise or system.

See kingbolt.

Kingpin: Life of Crime - A game made with the Quake engine based on the movie. Kingpin 2: Crime Continues unfortunately won't be released because the leading company went out of business.
The kingpin will cap yo ass, loc.
I only hit the kingpin this time.
I need to tighten the kingpin on my skate.
Kingpin is a great game, I think.
by sjkaljfioa989999999 July 16, 2003
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