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The leader of a crime syndicate or organisation.
The ruler of any 'game'. ie. drug game, rap game, crime game.
Its time to ice the KingPin.
The highest dealer in your locality is the KingPin.
Kurupt calls himself the KingPin.
by Diego September 27, 2003
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A person who is usally the boss of a group, and sits back on a throne or a comfortable spot and watches other people do work for him while he enjoys pleasures such as sex, women, drug, alcohol, games, sleep
dude ur such a king pin!
by Mad Man Mike May 03, 2012
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Big gangster that has at least 1000 gangsters at his command , that is involved is fights for big areas of a town , that has influence in politics and in the police.A king pin is a very educated man that knows how to lead an army , he is involved in arganised crime , drug shipment and fraud .
1:Man yo heard that X is the new King Pin.
2:But what happend with Y
1:He was killed while he was shipping 50 kg
2:And what happend with the stuff
1:X took it.
by 16584Homicide January 03, 2009
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The king.
A person who rules all, A person who is the best of the best.
by da Man January 17, 2003
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the adjustable bolt through the bushings and hanger of a skateboard truck that hold these parts to the baseplate.

when tightened, the skateboard does not turn as easily.
"your kingpin is bent, you should replace it."
by akary May 06, 2005
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