A Very hypocritic person, that should practice what they preach and stop preying on little boys. Pedophile. A person with absolutely no life so at 46 years old he is forced to have what he thinks is a life online, playing games he'll never be good at. Don't piss him off by having an opinion - he'll ban you - typical hypocrit move. His son, usually a prince, will look like a real life picaso, nasty!! He will be pathetic and will think of himself as cool by using words like; pwned(owned), banhammer, fail, etc. He will make up words like "kahunastrator" in a failed attempt to be witty.
He will hold grudges on things he knows nothing about and problems that he caused in the first place. This will force him to have terror struck into his life by people he doesn't know, and they'll never stop.
I just "owned" King Kahuna!
Remember - jesus loves you!
by Jesus Christy January 11, 2008
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A kick-ass ride at Kennywood in West Mifflin, PA!!!!
This dude next to me almost threw up on the King Kahuna!
by KingerofertheerKahunaer December 24, 2003
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KK what a fucking twat muhhhha ban ban ban from voogro so stfu biach
by Rus October 05, 2003
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Countryside LoveGod. Well hung and well hunky. Great shot with the juggling balls.
King Kahuna: Show me the mirror that can accommodate my beautiful visage and I will look into it.
by HM the Cat February 05, 2004
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A man (Take notes people, MAN, say it with me, MAN) who generously donated a server to a boy names voogru. After voogru ran his server for a week or two (The game TFC), he decided to switch it to NS, a fair mod for half-life, definetly not the best. After a few arguments, he decided to stop hosting his servers, and, after a few immature pranks, he took a mod for half-life, made by voogru, without permission.

He was flamed by many people (www.voogru.com), and everyone acted VERY immature, while saying stuff like "omg king si a dick look at his ghey ass im going to mess up his computr). Ironic, eh?

Player: Let's just leave king alone to run his servers in peace, ok? Stop acting immature.

ihatekingOLOLOL!: Hoew ab out NO!!!11 OLOLOL!!!1
by Anonymous July 12, 2003
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