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A show about a teenage girl who doesn't wear full shirts or bras in any of her episodes because her parents let her because they are desperate and don't want her to move out although she's a senior. She's a student and somehow a part time spy. She goes on a mission every day during school and still manages to get straight As because when she's off the camera she threatens her instructors. She wins all of her battles with her unreal cheerleading moves because real spies and police officers with years of training evidently don't know what the hell they're doing. Then she has this dingy side-kick, Ron Stoppable who is always fucking up every mission but KP always finds a way to stop the crime. Her parents also don't care about her because she travels all around the world and fights crime because cartoon world is a utopia.
Who stopped Draken from sucking up the Earth's atmosphere?!
Kim possible!

Who stopped the Bebes from invading the world?!
Kim possible!

And who in the hell stopped Shego from turning all heroes into villians?!

Me: Wow. She's like a young female Liam Neeson.
by lenalena95 March 25, 2010

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1.) What, usually, a teenage boy says to a girl whom they find attractive.

2.) When a boy is attracted to a girl, usually because of body.

3.) A nickname given to an attractive girl,

4.) A nickname given by father to their beautiful daughter.
Hey, what's up, Baby Girl? You got a boyfriend?

"Hey, Dad! I finally got accepted into that school i wanted to go to!"
"Baby Girl, Baby Girl!!!!"
"...Yeah, Dad...."
by lenalena95 March 26, 2010

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1.) A slang term used dominantly by the African American race as a word of communication.

2.) A term made by the white race around the time of slavery. Original word is "nigger".

3.) A word that black people gets love for saying, but white people gets killed for saying.

4.) A description of someone of the Black race.

*If, you're black, don't get offended because I'm black, too. You know it's true!!*
Black person to black person: Ay, What up, nigga?
B to B: Aw, nigga, I'm good, I'm good. You know ha it is.

*Then White person joins in*

White person to black: Hey, what's up, my nigga?
Black person to white: Nigga, what the fuck you say?!!
by lenalena95 March 26, 2010

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