An individual lacking the characteristics of depth or form (AKA a stupid person).
She was so two dimensional that she didn't even realize the danger of what she was putting herself or her loved ones in.
by Sir Claymore May 20, 2016
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1. (Noun) A girl with no personality

2.(Noun) the state of being so high you start two function as a a 2d character
by venans October 04, 2020
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A type of mythical creature in the science-fiction/fantasy world that exists in only two dimensions. Is incapable of seeing the third dimension. The most notable feature is that it is required to eat and excrete out of the same orfice. That is, if the digestive system had 2 openings, it would cut the organism in two.
A two-dimensional organism's mouth is also its anus.

Even an ameoba is not a two-dimensional organism.
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