A memory extreme demon made in geometry dash by lithifusion and verified by boldstep.
Boldstep: "You should beat Killbot"
Npesta: "I would rather end my own life"
by Nerald March 11, 2022
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An extreme demon in the hit new kids game geometry dash will cause people to start breakdancing on the floor, and it is a very fun extreme demon (Aeonair approves)!
Yo, have you played killbot? The level is impossible!
96! Oh my god. Oh my god! *starts laughing* I almost fluked the last UFO in killbot!
by Extreme Demon Completioner November 22, 2021
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script from 2016, underrated. very pogger.
ayo that guys using killbot, epic
by the funny man burger July 31, 2021
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A robot programmed and designed to kill. Made TV debut on the futurama episode "Love's Labours Lost in Space". Zapp Branigan begame famous for saving a planet from a herd of rampaging killbots.
Oh my god! Billy built a killbot out of a toaster... quick, get my shot gun!
by Pepsi X-treme July 9, 2005
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Victims of one of Zapp Brannigan's most brilliant tactical maneuvers. Killbots have a preset kill limit, so Zapp sent wave after wave of his own men at them until they shut down. A grim day for robotkind.
"But hey, we can always build more Killbots!"
by Joe Shizzle May 4, 2004
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A hellbent race of robots designed to kill humans. When their Kill-o-Meters run out, they stop killing.
It was a sad day for robots everywhere... well, we could always build more killbots.
by Bastardized Bottomburp August 8, 2003
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A machine designed to clean slighty worn-out golf shoes.
"A killbot has stained my pair."
by James October 12, 2003
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