A way of expressing disdain with a current, recently learnt past, or potential future wholly undesirable event or occurrence. Typically perceived to be such a difficult, unpleasant, or embarrassing situation for reasons behold: insufficient enthusiasm, interest, or concern; a lack of physical grace, elegance, or refinement; the culmination of preceding incompatible events or uninformed persons meeting; how one will be regarded by individuals, peers, family, a presently undefined social group, or the populace at large
They're going to be there, at the same time? Kill me now.
by Backward Evolution January 25, 2014
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The great urge to just be taken out of your misery....at this direct instint
watch my children while i never come back...can you just...kill me now?
by Pa-Chinkoo August 9, 2011
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That moment you realise you have a whole list of chores after you got done doing something really hard is the best time to use this phrase!
“Oh my god! Kill me now...” Said the boy who just got out of school.
by THEIRONY December 12, 2017
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im so fricken bored i have nothing better to do.

also means vagina.
not really.

school sucks major ass, kill me now this is boring.
by 4player May 27, 2008
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a saying which one says under great amount of homework or project related stress
"kill me now i have so much homework" jeff said, just before he commit suicide because of the massive amount of homework his teachers gave him that day
by John Titor/Barrel December 1, 2017
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