An item or accessorily that is overly flashy; Yellow gold, oversized designer logos on clothing.
Adam: Have you seen my new rolex? It's nice innit
Jay: That's fucking kildare shit, get it out of my face
by 83983h October 19, 2020
Kildare (Cill Dara - Church of the Oaks) is a county in
Ireland It is in the Province of Leinster and is South West of Dublin (the Capital of Ireland
County Town - Naas
Pop. - approx. 164000.
Places of Interest - the historical town of Kildare; Maynooth where the National University of Ireland and St Patrick's College are situated and the Curragh Race Course
We live in the north of Ireland We make regular trips to Kildare to watch the horse racing at the Curragh. Yhere are many stud farms close to the Curragh. Driving past the Curragh in the early morning is a pleasant sight. You usually see strings of horses with their riders being exercised on the gallops.
by Criostoir Hulme November 15, 2005
Kildare boys are boys who try to be blanch boys they are uneducated nuisances and are irrelevant.
Kildare boys are trash
by Cheee101 August 27, 2019
A woman that goes to the gynecologist with dirty panties,untrimmed bush and an unclean,smelly snapper
I heard that chick got sent home from the gynecologist for pulling The Dirty Dr. Kildare
by wolfbait51 June 11, 2011