A name for a tech smart hot guy that is really funny because he always will make a really random remark but it will crack you up to the limit.
Girl 1: Heyy, you see that guy over there?
Girl 2: Yeah, that's kieran.
Girl 1: He is so funny and awesome, I am like crazy for him.
Girl 2: Miigosh, You going to ask him out?
Girl 1: Definitely
by Hawtie2027 April 11, 2009
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name given to someone who is mishevious, expects lots of attention, but is very caring and loving. Sometimes abbriviated to turnip.....
by Lewis Da king June 03, 2006
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A techno loving guy who is really weird but at the same time covers the weird with cool.
Woman 1: Wow, that boy is cute.

Woman 2: No, you don't want him he's a kieran.

Woman 1: That's perfect!
by ~>Mr.Poetic<~ February 13, 2008
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Kieran is a cute Irish Boy. Blonde hair, and beautiful blue eyes. He has cute freckles in his face. He is tall, handsome and sexy. He is an amazing boy and a great dresser. He'd take a bullet for anyone. He's perfect.
by Llamamama12 June 07, 2013
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Kieran is a dark haired, sporty guy who loves soccer. Some Kierans may have had fire accidents where they have become burnt but they are still an amazing person with a beautiful smile. Kieran's are easy to love and super fun to hang out with.
i want one of those Kierans
by iwantkieran April 29, 2013
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A completely awesome guy who is loved by all, girls want to be around him, and guys want to be him. Kieran's have large penis's and often find it hard to stay faithful to one girl as there are so many offering themselves up to him.
Girl 1: Oh my god check that guy out
Girl 2: Yeah, he's a kieran.
Girl 1: Oh, he must have a big dick then, let's dance naked around him and have sex with him.
by jack binsted December 11, 2011
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