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Kieran is a name of a Irish or gaelic origin. Pronounced KEER-en. Its meaning is little dark one. Kieran has 11 variant forms: Ciaran, Keiran, Keiron, Kernan, Kieren, Kiernan, Kieron, Kierren, Kierrin, Kierron and Kiran.

Kieran is a boy who is fun and easy to be around, he can be quite humorous but yet quite serious and is smart. He isn't necessarily the most popular person, but has a good group of friends. He is an active person, who loves the water and loves to participate in sport, mainly fighting sports (i.e boxing, kickboxing, MMA etc) he doesn't like to sit around and watch though. He is easy to talk to, and always helps someone in need. Kieran is a smart and sensible boy, who is creative and also good with money. Kieran loves his music and is open to new genres and songs. He is stylish and a trend setter.

All in all Kierans are usually good blokes
Girl 1:Hey who's that guy?

Girl 2:Oh hes Kieran, hes a great guy so nice and funny

Girl 1: Yeah I spoke to him earlier, he seems great!

Girl 2: Yeah he is! You should go blow him!
by LilWayne is a terrible rapper! October 14, 2011

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ATB is an acronym for "All The Boys"

It is also spelt "All the Boiz" It is usually a close group of friends, mainly four guys. Who are good friends and hang out together! When they hang out they usually talk about, sex, drugs, girls, parties.

An ATB style group usually shares resemblance to the British tv show "The Inbetweeners" (A group of four teenage boys in high school)
Guy 1:Hey dude, what you up to this weekend?

Guy 2:Oh, not much just hanging out with ATB!

Guy 1:Sounds good man, what are you gonna do

Guy 2:Not much, just chill and kick it Inbetweeners style
by LilWayne is a terrible rapper! October 14, 2011

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