v: the one or only.

adj; the black yonder of the creative eye in which brings confusion to some. But to people with similar interests a 'Kienan' is the enlightening creativity that brings more joy and a different out look on life
Friend: Hrmm, this painting is odd.

Me: What fool? this painting Kienaned my entire day!
by Steven Quaker January 27, 2010
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kienan- to be very perverted to the extent of beyond normal someone is being a kienan when they use the term "instaboner" this or any other terrifying term is being a kienan

the sentence below is an example of being a kienan
hey dude that girl colleen is so freaking hott i wanna penetrate her! me:dude dont be a kienan
by Brett (BHK) January 12, 2008
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Very good looking, while quite energetic. Kienans also are able to learn and play sports quite well. They are also very athletic and like being around friends. Kienans are very rare so when you find one dont let them out of your sight. Kienans usually have a challenge writing.
Man, that boy Kienan is quite hot.
by THICCOMODE August 23, 2019
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