When you're leaning so much on Purple Drank you need a kickstand. The cough syrup gets you so high that it's hard to stand up.
by TripleCupper January 12, 2011
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When you are banging a 1-legged chick from behind...and after you bust....u kick out that one leg out...and she falls...then you jump around yelling "kickstand kickstand".
I was at a War Amp meeting and hooked up with this hot 1-legged counselor....i bent her over and gave her a kickstand.
by A and J Productions January 25, 2011
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When you get a massive rager and roll over on it but it props you up like a kickstand on a bike.
My morning wood this morning acted as a kickstand holding me up
by JDJD6969 February 5, 2013
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When youre riding your bike in a terry cloth robe and your tip is hanging out of the bottom.
Today in central park, a man rode past me and hit me in the chin with his kickstand.
by joshee May 20, 2007
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It's the severity of the sucking up that denotes whether the person kisses ass, sucks dick or kickstands. Sucking dick so hard one actually kickstands or the kickstand of the individual getting their dick sucked.
Jane: "Sue is like the boss' kickstand"
Bob: "And the boss kickstands his boss, so on and so fourth"
Debbie: "It's like a kickstand fiesta. Fuck my life"
Joe: "I wish I could kickstand my way to the top but my ass is still sore"
by AmadeusIII April 4, 2010
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When a woman falls asleep while sucking a cock, and is leaning on that cock. She's using the "Kickstand".
by Willie Wanka November 26, 2010
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A kickass all-girl band that plays loud rock and metal, causing all men within hearing and seeing distance to get righteous kickstands.
"Hey man, those chicks in that band Kickstand GAVE me a kickstand."

"My girl loves to go with me to see that band Kickstand because it gives me a kickstand that lasts all night."
by Jolee Jashan August 20, 2011
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