Abbreviation for kilo, as in kilos of cocaine; kilogram.
Where da cheese at? Where da ki's at?
--Crunchy Black of Three 6 Mafia--
by Juicy J July 10, 2004
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Gossiping, talking shit, or any other casual chatting, typically between two gay men. Can also be used as a noun to refer to the latest gossip.

The term "ki ki" (pronounced kee kee) is often confused with "kai kai" (rhymes with eye eye), and is sometimes misspelled as "kee kee".
"You won't believe what my boyfriend just said to me! We need to ki ki."

"Gurl, did you hear the ki ki about Drag Race? I guess there was some kai kai going on between two of the contestants!"
by el_zeeg October 4, 2012
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When two drag queen have sex (hook up) with each other.
Girl, I saw Shelita Buffet and Shanita Quit leaving after the show, together. I bet there was some scary ki ki going on at that house.
by Oaxaca78 February 20, 2009
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A lesbian who is neither butch nor femme, and who is attracted to other women who are neither butch nor femme. This term was in use in the lesbian community at least through the 1970s.
She's cute but I can't figure out what she's into - she's a little ki ki.
by bloocat April 9, 2011
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A joke, a hot mess, not to be taken seriously, pathetic. Originated from the Ballroom Scene. Often used with the "It" pronoun as a way of deliberately reducing the importance and relevancy of the person in question. "it's" or "issa"
Person A: What did you think of that performance Kenya just did?

Person B: Gurl, issa ki. No shade.
by nomadic_scholar October 25, 2020
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watch the movie scarface they say it throughout the whole movie
by paul September 1, 2004
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Short for kiki - meaning to gather or ‘hang out’ derived from the Ballroom scene.
Stella: ‘what you doin’ today girl?’
Ferraz: ‘oh I’m gonna ki with the girls, hbu?’
by Hoe.couture June 6, 2020
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