I honestly don't know what she is. Theres Not a lot of words that can explain her. But she's amazing. You'll never find a girl like khloe. You can try but I highly doubt that you will. She's a girl that's so willing to put your happiness before her own. She's a girl who's beautiful both inside, and out. She has the perfect smile, the perfect body, perfect hair, beautiful eyes, and most importantly, she has the perfect personality. There's just so much that i personally find perfect about her. I admit, She has her flaws. But you'll learn to love those flaws. Khloe's the type of girl who can make you absolutely happy for no complete reason. She's the type of girl to show you affection, and make you feel loved. She can be a dry texter, but in the end you'll still love that you got to talk to her. She can be playful and you'll find that adorable about her. There are so much things you'll love about khloe. Get yourself a khloe if you don't have one. If you find or have a khloe... DON'T LOSE HER(;
"I've found myself a khloe(:"
by Hojimo June 19, 2018
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She is misunderstood and acts like she doesn’t care when she really does. She is also crazy and the life of the party. Probably likes dancing and Starbucks. She plays sports most likely basketball, Track, or cheerleading/maybe all of them. Khloe is smart but doesn’t give her 100% all the time. She will likely end up with someone who is just like her and his name will probably start with a B or an R and plays basketball. Khloe loves animals and doesn’t let anyone push her or her friends around. She will end up to be rich and gorgeous.
Why can’t I be a Khloe.
by Macy Kau Artly December 27, 2017
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Such a amazing girl any guy would be the luckiest man in the world to be with Khloe. Khloe is hot and the sweetest girl you will ever meet looking into her eyes is true beauty and she is so loving to all animals and she is most likely to be popular and holding her hand you realize that you are so lucky to have her in your live and most girls are jealous of her and Usually would end up with a guy who would start with a E or a B and she’s a kind of girl you can replace or will regret letting go
I want to be Khloe
by Brayden Perkins August 07, 2018
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Khloe is a girl who loves to sleep and be lazy in bed she is a foodie at heart and doesn’t listen to anything or anybody but overall she will always be there for you when you need her
by KHLOE April 02, 2018
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1. A set of 3 options where one option is considerably less desirable than the other two.
2. The less desirable option in the set of three.
"Where do you want to go for lunch?"
"I just want a sub, so either Potbelly, Quiznos or Subway."
"So Quiznos or Potbelly, no need to consider the Khloe."
by ZombieDr December 19, 2011
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Name is really Chloe, but thinks its cool to spell it with a "K". Has red hair.

The definition of a hipster.
Look at Khloe! She is a real hipster!
by Vebe sunshine November 23, 2010
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Khloe is a girl who always is always in different moods khloes basically have mood buttons you can change khloes moods quick so don't full with khloes, khloes are also a person who can always make someone day
Dang, khloe was happy now she's depressed
by Mood changer July 08, 2018
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