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The prettiest girl you will ever know....... She is a bad ass girl who u will want to marry.......!!!! She is about that life !!!!! She can sing and dance !!!! all and all she is a BAD ASS U WILL LOVE !!!!
Did you see khia she was lookin A ONE
by justbeingkhia_ February 05, 2015
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Khia is a girls who just don’t understand and most wont want to, but when you meet her she the most craziest and wildest person you’ll ever meet.. she’s kind, passionate and forgiving.. she is also sensitive and easy to piss off. Everybody needs a khia in their life bc all she did is cheer on everybody and try to make them feel better abouso themselves
by Sweetypie35 October 01, 2017
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Also known as Thug Misses, the one and only Queen of the South. Talented and beautiful rapper and singer,
Yeah, Khia is truly the one and only queen, not Trina nor Jacki-O.
by themattsky September 25, 2008
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dirty slut who sings about getting fucked hard in the ass ,and sucking cock till she has to get her stomach pumped
khia is a ho listen to some of her songs and you will find out , BONG!
by nick dizzle January 21, 2005
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Before there was CupcakKe, there was Khia.
Khia: My neck, my back. Lick my pussy and my crack.

CupcakKe: Hump me, fuck me! Daddy better make me choke (you better)!

See the similarities?
via giphy
by Rpgluvr13 January 22, 2018
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Khia seems sweet and innocent on the outside, but, inside she is a fiery, bad-ass but clever girl. She only acts like a bitch if you ask for it! All the guys secretly have a crush on her, but are afraid to do something about it
Khia is such a legend!
Khia can be a bit of a bitch, but ayy, you asked for it!
by dizzydinosaur04 December 17, 2017
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