One of the greatest friends you can ever meet. She’s sensitive, yet tough, always laughing, but knows when to stop. Kerly gives the best advice and is one of the most mature and goofy people out there.
girl one: “she was so outgoing and friendly!”

girl two: “she was definitely a kerly
by ThiccSkinnyMariahCarey January 29, 2019
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Kerli Kõiv, or better known as Kerli (her stage name), is a pop rock singer from Estonia. She is most popularly known by her song "Walking on Air", but if you were to check out the other songs on her only album, "Love is Dead", you'd find out that she has other good songs. She is commonly labeled as "unique" and "different", both by close friends and strangers.

For a long while, she was unknown and failure was even labeled as "Kerli Syndrome" in her home country. But she still tried to make a name for herself and in the end signed a contract with Def Jam records in 2008, making her where she is today.

If you were to read her blogs, you'd learn that her personal beliefs closely resemble ones of Buddhism and that she isn't afraid to share her innermost thoughts with her fans and listen to theirs.
Person 1: Hey, have you seen Kerli's video for "Walking on Air" yet?
Person 2: Yeah! I love it. She looks so cool in the video!!
Person 1: I know! But to be honest, I like her video for "Love is Dead" more.
by chick bands November 15, 2008
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A singer from little-known Estonia, who performs pop and occasionally rock songs that really can get creepy, in a good way of course. Worth listening to. Try song: Walking On Air.
Do you have the Kerli CD?
by Atlantic Siren March 8, 2009
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One of the most freakiest females in jersey . she will do things to you that will have you in love.
Noel : We should have a 3sum my friend Kerly said she'll show me some things

Mookie : Can I just have her to myself for one night ;)?
by Macapoin February 20, 2015
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The most beautiful girl a Gameboy can have. Refers to a stud muffin of a babe who gives the greatest birthday presents, listens to you, and enjoys watching anime together. helps you debug javascript code and it's fully decisive and creative, love dogs and walking by the beach.
by Samü November 22, 2021
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