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Kerli Kõiv, or better known as Kerli (her stage name), is a pop rock singer from Estonia. She is most popularly known by her song "Walking on Air", but if you were to check out the other songs on her only album, "Love is Dead", you'd find out that she has other good songs. She is commonly labeled as "unique" and "different", both by close friends and strangers.

For a long while, she was unknown and failure was even labeled as "Kerli Syndrome" in her home country. But she still tried to make a name for herself and in the end signed a contract with Def Jam records in 2008, making her where she is today.

If you were to read her blogs, you'd learn that her personal beliefs closely resemble ones of Buddhism and that she isn't afraid to share her innermost thoughts with her fans and listen to theirs.
Person 1: Hey, have you seen Kerli's video for "Walking on Air" yet?
Person 2: Yeah! I love it. She looks so cool in the video!!
Person 1: I know! But to be honest, I like her video for "Love is Dead" more.
by chick bands November 15, 2008
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