Kep. Is the mixture being okay and k. Its equivalent to K in turn you should fuck off and you're dismessed. Or something you dont care about at all and dont want to listen to someone
Boy: I went to vegas
You: Kep
by Nick3raw December 22, 2012
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Kep is common word for people who are lazy to say okay.
Teacher: Do pages 12 to 678
Student: Kep
by Hellaspicy November 13, 2018
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to show dominance in a converstion. Only a few may know how to use it tho
It also deletes what the person says if your getting roasted
Clown: *Roast*
Me: Kep.

Everyone: 😂 “Kep”
by Yxng Pxrp March 31, 2020
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An endangered and rare hippo that lives in Hong Kong known to feast on hypocrisy and man-paste. Of very little value.
Well you've changed your tune quickly you little Kep.
by Mal December 13, 2021
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good luck charm that you have to bow to
Good thing happen when u bow 2 the kep
by HYMIE KEPNES February 21, 2005
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The word is Ok + Yep together = kep.
1:Wanna go to the movies tonight?

1:You were kepping today, whys that?
2:I just feel so kepperific
by Francis The Great May 31, 2003
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Once you reach a high enough level of coolness you are allowed to say kep. It is when the randomness thing happens, and you dont know what to say and everyone around you is silent, you say kep. It can also be used to replace normal words, but since you want to be randomn you say kep.
Jimmy: I just farted sooooo bad!
Frank: KEP!

Youna: F**k you all!
Youna: KEP!
by marioman kep November 14, 2009
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