Keoni is a man who wakes your heart up when you thought you would never love again. He is one who has you crushing like a school girl lusting over his touch. Keoni turns every situation in to heaven. He's a protector and a protestor and if he lets you in close ...your best friend. You will love him with out even knowing him. He's the answer ...he stands behind truth and stands up to whats wrong...keoni is a friend ..and he's beautiful in everyway. He makes life good and easy. He's manlier than most men and has nothing to prove...

Origin: Hawaiian. Meaning: God Is Gracious. The name Keoni means God Is Gracious and is of Hawaiian origin
Keoni is attraction to ones internal energy ..
by February 10, 2020
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A weirdo that's kind of cute. A single guy, he always has anyone's back. He has a lot of friends, but a few enemies. His brown eyes are easy to get lost in, and is very smart.
Keoni is a weirdo
by Anonymous.secret February 10, 2019
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keoni's a fine man, who eats brownies everyday. he doesnt cheat on his boyfriend and is a boopy boy.
by >:CCCCCC a November 17, 2019
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Keoni is beautiful. That being said sometimes she looks too good - post-apology sex good if you catch my drift. This can be too much people who have no self awareness. She's pretty fucking hot - the word "licious" comes to mind. Wait is "licious" a word? Who gives a shit.

She has nice pants and nice shits and makes people feel ugly. It's not her fault mostly, but other girls are jealous and they are bitches.

Unlimitedly if you get too drunk around Keoni and say something like "she's okay - whatever - ....", she will not enjoy this. But you love this girls "licious-like"....this is a good name.
Damn that girl is fine yo I wish my name was Keoni.

Damn that bitch thinks she's hot - I'll be her name is Keoni.

Damn I'm ugly and hit every tree on my way to this point in life - where the fuck did Keoni grow up? That bitch.
by the_old_drunkard November 3, 2019
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Small penis energy, often times has an ego bigger than his forehead. Can easily get his feelings hurt, even when you talk about his fucked up lips. He's a nice guy, but has a small pecker. And it shows. Will only talk to you to either get head or start drama, but they go hand in hand. Probably has mommy issues.
Oh shit, here comes Keoni. Better not make a "yo' mamma" joke.
by fakebarbietitties September 23, 2019
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Keoni is a cute boy who has a good sense in clothing and looks good always. He’s always hungry and plays sports. He’s single and very ready to mingle. Girls wanna claim him but are too scared. He always has his girls back.
Get a man as protective as Keoni.
by RealCutie March 5, 2019
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A sexy boy , who's generous , fine as hell nd got hella swagg. He handle his business. Always looks out for his Girlfriend. He protects her , always makin sure she good. Stay on top of his money and don't be on games. His name is rather unique and sweet like the person he is.
Keoni Sexy,smart,handsome,fine,Sweet,generous
by Gorgous lil beauty January 3, 2014
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