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One of the coolest, sexiest guys you will ever meet. A Las Vegas resident, adrenaline junkie and casanova. He can speak many languages and can adapt to any situation. When he does push-ups, he doesn't push himself up, he pushes the Earth down. He once went to the Virgin Islands. Now they're just called "The Islands".
I once kissed Keone and his lips tingled my whole body and gave me goosebumps so big that a blind person could read the orgasm off my body!!!
by lasvegasnevada April 13, 2011
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(1) Derived from "Keoni," the Hawaiian name for "John"

(2) Actually pronounced "kay-oh-nay" in Hawaiian, but most commonly pronounced "Key-oh-nee," Keone is a shortened version of the longer Hawaiian name "Keone Hali'i O' Kalani Nui Kalani Kamehameha Kanai Au Puni O' Hawai'i," which roughly means: "The sand covering the most supreme chief of the heaven and sky Kamehameha. The sand covering the calm kingdom of Hawai'i."
Keone Young - Film & TV actor
by Keone Fuqua July 14, 2006
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