Kenya is usually mixed with black and white. She's always ready to fight. She rides for her family and friends. She's usually tall. She's pretty with/without filter and with/without makeup. She has the perfect hair. She is a girl you don't want to ever lose. If you give you birth to a Kenya , has a friend as Kenya, or Kenya is family. Don't never let her go she's rare. She also has a very pretty older sister too.
Person 1: Who's that bad chick?
Person 2: That's Kenyaaaa.
by @myaa0x January 19, 2018
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Kenya’s are usually hard to describe. It’s an unusual name and it’s quite odd to be named after a country. They vary in size but many are short. They are oddities who are confusing enigmas and are almost always introverts. They are also chaotic and fun people who will always make you laugh. They are also good listeners and will make a great friend. They are amazing friends and make a fantastic partner in crime but weird to date as they are quite shy and awkward but will be there for you regardless in their own chaotic way.
I have a friend named Kenya.
That girl named Kenya is a crackhead.
Kenya is my partner in crime.
by Badartist September 04, 2020
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Our extremely urban black president, B. Hussain Obama, is a foreign tribesman from Kenya
by dsantesteban January 01, 2011
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The best looking man in the world with athleticism, shoe game, education, and the most radical group of homies to ever roam earth.
Kenya is so hot .
Kenya got all the shoes.
by madeintyo March 13, 2017
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The most beautiful lady living; the biggest blessing to walk this earth. Noun.
Yea she pretty but she ain’t “Kenya”
by Kenya’s December 08, 2019
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