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The epitome of black girl magic. When she walks into a room, you know it's her because of the fierce presence that follows. She is a loyal and compassionate friend and/or lover. She is headstrong in the literal sense of the word; her intelligence is supreme but she delivers it with grace and elegance. If you mess with her loved ones be prepared to face her wrath. She will never let her head fall, for she has to support the crown placed on it and therefore will never let you see her down. However, if you are blessed to see her tears, be as good to her and she so was good to you and that love will come back around tenfold. Her beauty is godly, so natural born goddess is her birthright. With the brightness of her smile you know there is a light that shines both inside and out.
I am inspired by Kenya who is a phenomenal woman.
by PencilPixie February 12, 2018

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