1) Fast food place that sells chicken.
2) Colonel Saunders' birthplace
Fancy going to kentucky and getting a bargain bucket?
by Miniskwinkie December 20, 2005
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Kentucky, the bluegrass state, is located in the south eastern US. Its two largest cities are Louisville and Lexingon, then the smaller cities make up Covington, Richmond, and Bowling Green. This state is where the people are friendly, the grass is blue, the horses run fast, and the chicken comes fried. We do not sleep with our cousins, yes we have teeth, and yes we wear shoes...well only in the winter time hahaha. This state loves our University of Kentucky Wildcats (unless your from Louisville). It's always deer season and UK basketball season here in the bluegrass. I wouldn't talk bad about UK here or you might get hurt (again unless your from Louisville.) We're not all hicks here well some are but thats okay they live up in the mountains. If you come here youll most defenitly see some horse farms and horses, its kind of common here. We take pride in our southern culture, horses, big cities, and our UK wildcats. So come on down to Kentucky and enjoy one of the best places in the South!
southern kentucky louisville UK Wildcats lexington
by Tyler Spence123 August 13, 2011
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As someone who lives there, I think I can safely post this up...

Kentucky (KY) is a quaint little state which has only 8 electoral votes, its largest cities being Louisville and Lexington. It is a state chock full of Christian rednecks, but like all places, it has its good people and its bad people ... I just happen to live with most of the bad people...
I'm moving the HELL out of Kentucky once I'm out of college...
by Kharivas November 05, 2004
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The most backward, country assed redneck place in the history of the universe, followed closely by Indiana and West Virginia and Tuscaloosa, Alabammer.
My cousin is from Goathump Holler, Kentucky and he's rat purty. I bet he's got a least four teeth.
by Elouise Hampton September 04, 2007
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A Midwestern state in the United States of America. It has a population of roughly 4 million people, with the largest city being Louisville (Pop. 690,000). The next is Lexington with well over 266,000; then Owensboro with a population of 54,000, and Bowling Green with 49,000 people.
Kentucky is a state with a lot of Southern flavor and culture. However, there is also quite a bit of Northern/Midwestern influence and transplanted culture as well. It is also one out of four "Commonwealths". Overall, Kentucky is a midwestern state with mixtures of North and South, consisting of a very rich history and strong agriculture, growing products like tobacco, corn, soybeans, and green beans, raising the world's finest horses, and brewing the most bourbon in the entire Nation.
The people in Kentucky are very friendly and fun-loving.
by The Loyal Bush Legionary April 05, 2005
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As a person living in Glasgow Kentucky for two years I think it's safe to say that Kentucky is full of hilljacks, rednecks, inbreeders, and various other human rodentia. Being from the north (I'll be damned if this is a Northern state) I have heard "Yankee" comments more than enough, and often hear the "n-word" as well (discrimination is the state hobby). That is not to say that it isn't a scenic state with some nice places (Louisville, Lexington, Cinci-Metro)but I don't count them as actually being part of Kentucky. Also, the State taxes in KY are more severe than any I have encountered due to the inability of the Kentucky legislature to balance a budget. Another interesting fact is that while their motto is 'Where education pays!', teachers are not allowed a writeoff on state taxes for classroom expenses. A much better motto would be 'Kentucky - Say there boy, hows about we go over yonder and fuck ourselves sum chikens?'
1.) Northerner: "Could I ask why you pulled me over, I didn't realize I was speeding."
Kentucky Trooper: "Boy you got a purdy mouth"

2.) Kentuckian: "Boy you Yankees sho thinks you is so smart. I betchee kaint tell which of these chickens is roosters and which is hens."

Northerner: Sorry, I can't understand a word your saying.

Kentuckian: "Dey all be hens stupid, I aint fuckin me no male chickens. Gidderdun!"
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