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Some stupid fat gay Asian who posts in a stupid forum for children and complaints like a whiny she-woman
Fuck, another Kento thread! "I'm a fat gay virgin and no one will fuck me because im ugly and I'm Kento," he wrote again.
by flushing toilet August 29, 2008
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An omniscient being who said to be a reincarnation of a legendary samurai who once fought against a countless amount of bandits in order to protect his country. It is said that who ever is named "Kento" is some what part of this legendary samurai's soul.
Chick A "Wow, that Japanese man is very strong and good with his "sword", if you know what I mean"

Chick B "I bet his name is "Kento", aye?"
by SushiWarrior January 15, 2011
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Is the coolest guy in the entire universe, and is even too awesome for any other human being alive. He only interacts with aliens, and is able to communicate with them with the blink of an eye. He could actually start anything with the blink of an eye, including another World War. He is just plain awesome. People with this name should not even exist on this planet, since they are just too awesome... Even the old Mayans knew it!
Did you see Kento just vanish from our eyes? I think he just blinked!
by NOTKENTO April 19, 2011
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