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Pretty much the greatest city in the world. It's on the north end of Lake Washington and has more bowling lanes per capita than anywhere. Not to mention a Casino. It's got lots of sick longboarding hills a few thrift shops. Acapulco Fresh too. And a fuckload of seaplanes.
Kenmore, by the Lake.
by Sir Awesome the Great June 22, 2005
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Kenmore, NY is a village inside the town of Tonawanda. It is extremely small and is known to have at least one racist cop for every two streets. Paranoid white people have been moving there since the 50s and voting for higher taxes and strict rulz. Kenmore's roads are always plowed right away and a party of more than 25 underaged drinkers is doomed, this has earned Kenmore a top ten ranking from the American Planning Association in 2009.

Kenmore wishes it was Williamsville but it's not because it shares a border with Buffalo, resulting in many robbings and mischief. Because of this the police are always cracking down hard on drivers and youth. The old people are the most yuppiest kind you can find but the kids are all either emo, hipster or wigbag; they try to act ghetto but everyone knows they're from the whitest suburb around.

The two main highschools: Kenmore West and East both suck at sports but still keep up a pretty good rivalry. Kenmore West had a good team once with running back James Malory

*Kenmore is the jackpot of sexy milfs and highschool sluts. When people turn 18 they more to North Buffalo*

The biggest dream of most Kenmore residents is to possibly move to Amherst or Clarence.
Oh shit we just entered Kenmore, slow down to five miles below the speed limit, lower the radio, and buckle up.

Generic Black Dude: "yea I was driving in Kenmore and the cops pulled me over and arrested me in front of my daughters for no reason."
by unclejese July 10, 2011
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the armpit of buffalo, where trampy kids smoke too much pot, and people buy new cars to make them feel better. ita one square mile and it takes about five minutes to walk the whole thing. we dont even have our own highschool. its an almost entirely white racist communtiy and the girls are orange!
kenmore ny reallly is a disastrous place to live
by Peace_junkie October 29, 2006
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