Junk will accumulate in the space available.

Coined my Mike Kelly
Oh man, i bought the new house with more storage space but you'd never, Kelly's Law kicked in, I have no space and junk everywhere.
by Tank June 27, 2009
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Kelly's Law is the ability for solids to froth into liquids.
That scoop of ice cream is growing twice the size, it must be Kelly's Law that allows it to do that!
by Harvard's Dictionary December 11, 2020
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If the IQ in the room, combined, is less than your own - leave.
I invoked Kelli's Law at the last departmental meeting.
by Blaze86 March 4, 2014
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Not all feminists are man-haters, but all man-haters are feminists.
Feminist 1: We should strive for sex equality
Feminist 2: I fucking hate men. Btw I'm a feminist ;)))
Yup, there's Kelly's Law at work
by ChopperWopperCopter July 12, 2017
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