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The most amazing, kick ass, beautiful girl in the world. She does everything and more, a most kind and loving girl who will never betray you. She is full of endless passion, adorable, cute, energetic, funny, and above all, trust worthy. She never gives up, and always does her best. Everything about her is amazing. She has a killer body and an amazing ass.. Beautiful to the extreme, she is a perfect being that even the gods are envious of. And above all else she's always up for a damn good time.
Damn, i want me some kelcie!
by babygotbackkk July 24, 2011
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a Kelcie is another word for a very cute and cuddly little thing. they are often loud and obnoxious but still very cute. They make funny little noises all the time. They are known for their "idc" dance. Their native environment is barrington, Illinois. They live here mainly for the climate and wildlife. As rare as they are they are highly sought after by many for pets, so if you see one strap a collar on it and take it home! because you just caught the cutest pet ever!
"omg look at that kelcie in the woods its so cute!"
by some kid from somewhere November 24, 2007
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A cute girl with brown hair and lots of frecales. if she doesnt like you as more then a friend she will tell you she has a boyfriend (which we all no, she doesnt) She nice and makes people laugh, listens to rap and get lots of crap from people but she pretends not to mind. She does a clasic bun and is always ready to poop her pants. VERY PALE.
Kelcie poopsalot
by ShakyDack March 04, 2012
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