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A sweet, adorable, charming girl. Kelci's tend to be ultra sensitive, but never show it. They are strong willed and if you hurt them, their anger will get them through the day. They forgive much too easily and fall in love with the one boy who doesn't love them back. If a Kelci ever loves you, you better love them back no matter what, because no girl will ever love you like her. Kelcis will never hurt the one they love and get extremly mad when someone does hurt them. Very good at getting what they want. A Kelci is the best person you'll ever meet and if you know one, love her unconditionally. Kelci's are very easy to love.
W: I think I should have loved Kelci when I had the chance.
H: Too late, she hates you now.
W: Really???

H: No, she's waiting for you to ask her out.
W: Kewl
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a cool friend who is like one of the guys and can be athletic and cute at the same time. she loves all her friends but its hard for her to forgive easily.
omg kelci is so cute.
that girl is so a kelci
by dadnny765849thukn August 10, 2008
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