The holy Land of Kek, the home of the Kekistanians and people of Kekistani heritage, and warground between the Kekistani people and Normies.
Person #1

Where are you from?
Person #2

The glorious country of Kekistan.
by Glanderson Booper February 3, 2017
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Kekistan is an invented ethnicity with a storied yet obviously entirely invented history, religion and culture.
It mocks how the far-right cling to their race and cultural purity narrative and how the far-left clings to their racial victimhood narrative with an parody of extreme patriotism and an oppression narrative about how the Normiestan and the Cuckistan nations oppressed the Kekistani people.
Let us prosecute a meme jihad against the Normies in the name of almighty KEK and the glorious nation of Kekistan
by Deus Dex July 12, 2017
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Holy Kekistan, land of the incels and in closet-nazis.
The land for our holy men who haven't breathed fresh air since the age of 12.
For our small but obviously inferior white weiners.
For all the nice guys who women fears, because we have studied the blade.
For the distinction between pedophilia and ebopophilia.

For all the trollers of libtards
We unite in worshipping some green froggish-thingie, but no homo tho

P.s. we believe in no government, but yeah, government totally owes us sexual encounters with attractive females.
#1: So where are you from?
#2: I identify as kekistani.
#1: I asked for your nationality, not if you were sexually active.
by Prutmund January 28, 2018
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The ancient country of Kekistan. Home of the frog people, also home of the world famous now forbidden Pepe.
Stop being Kekophobic, I'm from Kekistan, praise keke
by FeelsTrumpman February 2, 2017
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All hail the great Kekistan.

Kekistan is a country known for many things. They are many different stories of how Kekistan came to be but the one true one would place it in the current place of Ethiopia. After a rebel group of hackers known as 4chan hacked all of Ethiopia's dirt in 2000 B.C they took the land over and created the great nation known as Kekistan.
Daddy Trump will support Kekistan and its great nation.
by idoitforfree June 2, 2017
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